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RA Real Talk

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RA Real Talk


RA Real Talk


For those who are unfamiliar with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), it may be easy to underestimate the challenges that come with the disease. To help raise awareness of the disease, we created a series of honest and thought-provoking memes that highlight what it’s like to live with RA. By sharing the memes with your friends and family, you can help the world better understand RA and—more importantly—the people who live with it. 

Share the memes below to help spread RA awareness, inspiration, and understanding.

RA Real Talk #1

The only predictable thing about RA? It’s unpredictable.

RA Real Talk #2

“Turning up the heat in the bedroom” has a new meaning.

RA Real Talk #3

Eating a piece of cake is no longer a piece of cake.

RA Real Talk #4

Your “buttoned up” look excludes buttons.

RA Real Talk #5

You’re comfortable skipping dinner because you’ve finally gotten comfortable.

RA Real Talk #6

Your bed becomes your office, your dinner table, your living room...

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